Quench Your Hunger for Delicious and Tempting Seafood at Chinese Sea Food Restaurant in Sydney

Are you a Chinese food lover? Do you like every sea food with taste and quality guaranteed? Do you feel hard to find an amazing and delicious Chinese restaurant near you? Not now, because you have come over the right place, Liberty Palace is the amazing five-star Chinese sea food restaurant in Sydney.

Why Choose Us

We understand the worth of this question and confidently answer this as you should trust us for all the right reasons.

  1. Liberty Palace is able to serve you a wide verity of Chinese seafood all will be loved by your tastebuds.
  2. Years of experience and skills of customer service nestled in our staff make your usual day a special one.
  3. When our clients visit us for an event venue or menu booking, after a conversation of seconds we got to know their choice and mood. So, we serve them up to their satisfaction.
  4. We don’t have any concept of hidden charges so we keep you away from this fear.
  5. We combine the quality and taste of every food we cook for you to bring the best on your table.
Chinese Sea Food Restaurant Sydney
Chinese Sea Food Restaurant Sydney

Quality of Cuisine Matters

We satisfy thousands of customers every day that belong to diverse backgrounds with the same priority- they demand taste, perfection and we keep regard to their money, trust, and the time you pay us. Not only do we pour taste to our meals but also add nutritious and pure ingredients for you, that are additive or preservative free. So you rest assured that what you are eating is 100% healthy and made in high-quality utensils as well as ingredients.

Taste is Everything

We love your craving for super-tasty food and present you the most delightful Chinese food on the planet. We procure all the secret and healthy ingredients from our trusted sources and we hunt edible creature for seafood from clean locations.

We are Budget Friendly

When you look up for taste and quality of food that does not stand for pricy meal or expensive restaurant rather delicious food should be in range of everyone. Therefore, in contrast to others, Liberty Palace is the most affordable Chinese sea food restaurant in Sydney that offers you a mouth-watering range of menu at the very competitive rates and the good news is that we don’t demand any tax charges.

Get connected with us and make your big day a special one

Whether you want to start your new journey, celebrating your wedding anniversary, want to imprint a long-lasting impression by arranging a wonderful corporate event, never hesitate to get a quote from Liberty Palace. Call us today to make a reservation at tel:0408066966. If you want to know more give us your line at email: thehong9988@yahoo.com.au.

Have a great day!


if you have further enquiries please do not hesitate contact us for more information.